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William two feather


Two Feather is of Apache descent.  Two Feather's Great Grandmother was a healer with herbs, and her medicine has been passed to him.  For over 10 years, Two Feather trained in Native American spiritual traditions with three Elders from three different tribes based in the Southwestern United States. In the years that have followed, he has given his flesh and blood to assist in his walk upon the Red Road.  Over the past 20 years, he has made many journeys to foreign lands and cultures as a professional faith healer and Spiritual Advisor.


He has lectured extensively ~ in the United States, Australia, Italy, Scotland, Wales, Greece, Croatia, Norway, Mexico, Japan,  New Zealand, Denmark, Slovenia, and England  ~ on Native American Spirituality, History, Anthropology, Ceremony, and Culture. In his travels, training of Spiritual Warriors has been the S.O.P. ~ standard operating procedure.

Two Feather’s fields of expertise include healing work, the training of Spiritual Warriors, individual spiritual consultations, the advancement of practicing healers, working with schools and troubled youth via Tough Love programs, and improving the health of the elderly.  He believes that teaching Native American Earth Music is a means of healing and building self-esteem in simple yet traditional ways.  In addition, his flute music compositions have been recognized by the Native American Music Awards.

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The foundation of his work involves promoting world peace and unity for all our relatives.  Two Feather is transitioning from Faith Healer to Author after a long and successful career in healing work.  The teachings contained in the first five volumes of The Book of Spirit have been translated into several languages. In the words of Two Feather, "this is an effort to bridge the gap between the realms of faith and science, and to share knowledge of healing and tolerance with other cultures ~ all my relations.”

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