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Frequently Asked Questions






How did you get 3 teachers and I been looking all my life for 1?

Are you Native American?

How did you train?


Do you have specialties / gifts?



How do you show seekers of their special gifts from Creator?


Where have you done this healing stuff at?? 


How did you leave the western hemisphere?

How would you like to be known?

I would like to be known as a bridge between the Diminishing of Spirituality exchanged for Technology.  

I call this, "Exodus Of Spirit" (EOS). I have dedicated my life to foster the return to tribal spirituality.  

AKA, "The Natural order of the universe". No matter how you see, it's your's to see, not to be dictated...  

Among other significant things to medicine persons, persona, things, and the like.  


*The term 'Medicine Man' don't sit well with me, but sometimes I gotta wear it.

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