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For over 20 years, William Two Feather has changed the health and 

well-being of thousands of people across Asia, Europe,

South America, and North America.


His exhilarating events stir the soul, mend the wounded, and inspire

 individuals to make courageous life changes in order to find their best selves. 



Enlightened Healing is a two day intensive retreat and Certification 

Course that starts from the fundamentals and directs Seekers in a good way and with a good heart to learn Native American and World Indigenous Techniques.


We seek to return Seekers, as best as possible, back to balance and inner harmony.  We will spend considerable time resetting and recalibrating our energies through sound, movement, meditation, and ceremony.  Seekers will learn how to fully control and utilization of sacred healing tools, and how to spiritually and materially create your own tools from scratch.  


The first day's teachings are devoted to crucial Theories, Laws, and Concepts – and other such prerequisites to learning healing work. Some purification and protection rituals for the healer, assistant, and client are also covered. 

On the evening of the first day, an experiential ceremony brings our circle together through music and movement.   

The second day is primarily hands on. Together we shall study tool use: diggers, extractors, drum washers, aura cleansers, etc.  Every individual will practice these techniques and applications in numerous scenarios. We conclude with a Certification Test.  There is also allotted time for each person to meet individually with Two Feather for specific evening consultations.

The Enlightened Healing Course is a life changing experience.  There are currently more than a 800 Certified Drum Washing Healers and over 400 Enlightened Healing Graduates throughout the world. 

Note: By enrolling, all Seekers agree to respect established protocol for such ‘faith healing’ training. A pre-screening is required via email, with submission of tuition by having a high definition xerox copy of your hands to show the lines clearly. The second part is face to face. No exceptions shall be provided. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 9.34.46 PM_edi

Matthieu, Denmark

I feel amazing.  90% of my pain is gone, and I now feel that I have learned techniques to keep me pain free.  

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 10.01.26 PM_ed

Iwasteka, Mexico

The workshop with Two Feather was outstanding and life altering in the best ways possible.  Thank You TF!

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 11.03.23 PM_ed

Katrin, Budapest

I was totally misaligned. I now feel more relief than I have ever experienced

before in my life.   

Enlightened Healing    Example Itinerary

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  • Dinner

  • Music Performance

  • Fireside Drumming







  • Breakfast & Earth Walk

  • Consultations

  • Lunch

  • Certification Test

  • Farewell Ceremony

  • Check-In / Registration

  • Greeting Ceremony

  • Lunch

  • Seminar

  • Consultat

  • Breakfast

  • Seminar

  • Lunch

  • Practical Applications

  • Dinner

  • Evening Seminar

  • Fireside Stories

"This is where we cross over to the line of faith.  Even those Seekers who don't fully believe in the nature of miracles can find themselves reaching with desperation for anything, and this can be frightening." -TF

Spiritual Warrior Training is the next level of training after Enlightened Healing.  In this intensive two day retreat, Seekers will learn the skills to become Teachers.


Indigenous healing techniques have shown the similarities in such a way to say the "truth is the truth no matter what country or what culture you come from."  The discipline is the same for everyone using it.  First the discipline and techniques must be learned, usually accomplished through apprenticeship.  Then there is practice time, when the techniques are fine-tuned and mastered.  


Finally the "Seeker becomes the Teacher" and they begin their journey of healing others.  Many different aspects are incorporated to accomplish the final mission; returning the client back to natural balance and harmony.  

Plant, animal, water, people, spiritual, vibrational frequencies, patterns, symbology, faith, will, and manifestation all work as one in healing, accomplishing miracles prescribed medicine cannot.

To state it simply, Faith Healing is the technique of presenting the universe with the feelings and goals of the using using what is naturally around us to heal.


Note: By enrolling, all Seekers agree to respect established protocol for such ‘spiritual warrior’ training. A pre-screening is required via email, with submission of tuition by having a high definition xerox copy of your hands to show the lines clearly. The second part is face to face. No exceptions shall be provided.   





We are here to help you out and answer any inquiries that you may have.

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