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Earth Music™ is taught with an Indian flute that has 6 holes. This was developed out of an acute need to integrate tools for Self esteem building & wellness for little people, but as it turned out, it is very useful in other sectors as well. It is a way to make a song out of shelf with jars, mountain tops, people, rocks, flowers and much more.

All the participants need to do is learn a few simple animals in order to make their music, from the environment as long as they ask in a good way and with a good heart. The little people can write their own music in a series of simple figures, “This is my song, you may play it.” No prior knowledge of music is necessary to learn Earth Music™ technique, which can be used to read and write music for any instrument.

The flute in the Indian world is an instrument of peace and love, and that is what these teachings are about. This is the fuel of the future. Come as a student or to become the leader or teacher of youth, they hold our future in their hands.


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