Join Two Feather in the hills of Taos, New Mexico for an intensive two-day Spritual Warrior Training retreat.  

Spiritual Warrior Training is the next level of training after Enlightened Healing.  In this intensive two day retreat, Seekers will learn the skills to become Teachers.


Our time will commence with in a ceremonial sweat lodge to prepare Seekers for Spiritual Warrior Training.  From there, some of the techniques we will cover include bow and blade skills, surviving off the land, learning self-mastery, herbalism, animal wisdom, stealth invisibility, and meditation.

Finally the "Seeker becomes the Teacher" and they begin their journey of healing others. Many different aspects are incorporated to accomplish the final mission; returning the client back to natural balance and harmony.  


Included in Retreat Cost:

  • On-Site Lodging for Two Nights
  • All Vegetarian Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)
  • One In-Person Consultation with Two Feather
  • Spiritual Warrior Training Kit (Exclusively to Spirirtual Warrior Seekers)
  • Spiritual Warrior Training Guide PDF

Spiritual Warrior Retreat

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