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Your journey is yours alone.  There are many obstacles to overcome on

your way towards self-mastery.  For over 20 years, William Two Feather has

 guided countless Seekers towards greater health, wisdom, and personal success.  

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A Word from Two Feather

How does this work, people ask?  It is simple.  When the doctors have told their patient, “We cannot do anything to help you.  Here are some pills.  Go and deal with this illness on your own.”  When every avenue of possible treatments has been tried and nothing works, that’s when the people come to me. 

These methods of healing come from Native American as well as other indigenous traditions. There has been hospitals as we know it for only a few hundred years at best.  People have been getting sick since the beginning of time.  


My training with three respected teachers spanned about a decade. Then the day came when the string was cut, and I was let loose.  That’s been about fifteen years spanning the globe many times over many countries. Along the journey some other techniques have been picked up from other indigenous cultures.  As long as they work, their incorporation has benefited many people.

In traditional faith healing, the words sometimes get misunderstood, so this is to clear that up.  We use vibrational frequencies by way of hand held drum and high pitched whistles, and other audible tools.  Also brought in are the medicine of animals like the wolf, turtle, and deer. Aura cleansers, diggers and extractors are some of the tools used on a regular basis. The people who live in the ocean are often brought into the healing as needed depending on the nature of the illness or disease. Spiritual doctors from the light are asked to assist as long as they are specialists. 

The client is checked for what is not in balance. A specific point is sought. Once pinpointed, the healing begins. The common question is, “will this hurt?”, and the answer is no!  There is no cutting or anesthesia like the western doctors.  The healing takes about an hour, sometimes more depending on the nature of the problem.  It’s not done until it done…

My Specialties: bones and anything that has to deal with bones, tendons, ligaments, and the like, Scoliosis, chronic pain of many years, tennis elbow, swelling (edema), sprained joints, knee problems (pre & post knee replacement) some cancers like breast, blood, skin, hearing issues like tinnitus, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, and many other ailments.


More serious diseases like Crones, Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, are possible.  As long as the client is not in a wheelchair, they can be improved in some percentage fashion.

What is asked not to come for rebalancing: hernias, tail bone injuries, Schizophrenia, as well as demonic possessions (no more). 

In this form of traditional Native American Faith Healing there are no guarantees.  If it is your time, then it is time.  


Repeat sessions are rarely encountered. The best job possible by that time has already been done. It’s not our indigenous way to have repeat clients. All things in their own time..  Sometimes with such things as bone adjustment, the client is required to agree to light duty for 4 days after a healing.


Walk In Beauty… 


Dhan Zhou,


Two Feather 

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