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Over the years, William Two Feather has been featured in countless films, music videos, healing and training videos, televised interviews, and documentary films over the years.  


This ever expanding archive will serve as an attempt to catalog and document his appearances.

Juvenile Wards of the Court Build a Sweat Lodge with Apache Shaman

Juvenile Wards of the Court Build a Sweat Lodge with Apache Shaman

William 2 Feather, an Apache shaman works with a unique rehabilitation program involving juveniles who are wards of the court and goes into the North Carolina Mountains and builds an authentic Sweat Lodge and creating an indigenous camp village in the traditions of the Apache nation. The kids are all juvenile wards of the court with court ordered detentions and some will be going into prison when they turn 18. These kids all have major infractions with the law and range from gang bangers, homicide, sex offenders, theft, pyromania, drugs and violence. This experimental program was also part of research that shows when troubled kids are brought into nature and taught the ways of living off the land, learn to respect mother nature and her animals and learn the ways of indigenous elders and work as a team, they gain a deeper awareness into themselves, and appreciation for learning in new ways that connects them to nature. William 2 Feather uses an approach that is very intuitive and empowering as he gives these kids respect, honor and appreciation for connecting to the deeper meaning of mother nature and a spiritual awareness of the forest and her offerings. William 2 Feather empowers the kids by giving them the tools that were the very part of what destroyed them in the city life in the metropolitan chaos. He gives the kids who had arrest records with weapons and violence in the city were given the 9 inch knives to cut down the willows for the sweat lodge. The very weapon thjat made them juvenile wards of the court now empowers them within a higher spiritual purpose. Some kids who were introverted and withdrawn are assigned as tribal leaders, camp leaders and boost their confidence. Those who threw rocks at cars on the freeway and smashed windshields and created freway accidents are now in charge of sweat lodge rocks. Some of the kids who never learned teamanship are assigned to take directions to participate in group projects. Introvereted kids are taught to give spiritual offerings to plants. He gives the kids who were arrested for pyromania are now in charge as the fire keepers-- lighting the fires and managing the fires. The fire now serves as an empowering spiritual force with a higher purpose. The kids with arrest records for stealing were assigned as gathers of the willows; The kids learn about nature, animals, flute music, indigenous tools, native American teachings and spiritual offerings to earth mother, smudging, living and working as a group of forest dwellers. The kids are all smudged and learn how to cleanse their mind, thoughts before building the sweat lodge. The kids learn to make offerings to the things they take from the forest. The kids learn how working as a team builds confidence, pride, comradeship and respect for each other as they work together and create an indigenous camp with a spiritual sweat lodge that will purify their mind, body and spirit. At the end of the sweat lodge ceremony each of the kids is transformed in a different way from the spiritual experience. Each kid goes through a different healing, transformation that enables them to go back into city life dealing with their problems, courts and legal actions, strife, dreams and inner passions.
Wm Two Feather ~ "The book of Spirit" World Tour 2011 ~ 2013

Wm Two Feather ~ "The book of Spirit" World Tour 2011 ~ 2013

This Video is a short over view of the culmination of 11 years of writing the series of books Titled "The Book of Spirit" [Vol. 1 ~ 5] I was directed by dreams, teachings, experience & council from my Elders To ~ Take the oral tradition that took ten years of my life to learn, and then another decade or so of administration of the discipline (Traditional Healing Work). I was trained in Traditional Native American Healing Arts & Spiritual Matters {Spiritual Advisor} and related cultural things to pen. The council was clear = take these teachings across the pond (ocean) 1st off & share them with all peoples of the world who are interested. Having no idea {yes / big faith} how to do that exactly, the journey began with 3 suite cases in late 2011 and $300 cash & spanned the world about 20 countries. It was supposed to be a year of my life sacrificed 'once again' for the good of all. With that commitment to heart it really panned out to be a year & a half. . Came back to Turtle Island (USA) with a few hundred dollars in hand *{because the corrupt Gov. of Budapest stolen all the earnings due to fraudulent officials -- Pls don't start an EU business in Hungary} and several languages published. This is a small rendition of that journey, presented for those who have concerns in this area. This path has been committed to in a 'Sundance mode' to be done in a Good Way & with a Good Heart, money nor love took precedence over this commitment. The comments will be screened due to some "stalker" attacks and other dark side activities that prefer such teachings are not shared with No Borders. So I ask to view with an open heart what's going on here, take whatever is valid to you, and see for yourself what it really is. The balance of 22 books is forth coming in this literary series. However I am on strike and have been for almost 3 years. No more books will be written until I get paid. My teachers asked me many years ago "My Son when you are done with your work what will you ask?" My reply was ~ " I don't know, ask me when it's done" ~ Now that's its semi done and 5 books are on the table (* proof it can be accomplished) it has been shown to me what that payment is ~ "My wish" ~ is to start a family have plenty of children, and build an earthship {home}, grow our own food and have horses and lots of animals in the mountains ~ and when one little one is in the oven then the balance of the books will come forth. If you are guided please have a look at more You Tubes or go to eBooks and search "The Book of Spirit" or "William Two Feather". * Native American Flute CD's each with their own medicinal application will soon be available, teachings on Video download, movies: "The Shaman" "Stories of Turtle Island" & more are scheduled for the near future. They will be featured on Kendal, Amazon, CreateSpace, BookBaby & more or go to the web site (under development) as it will be updated soon & have a look * see * Many Blessings Dhan Zhou Wm Two Feather Nov. 2013
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