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Scientific Validation Of Faith Healing

A scientific thermal brain imaging study was done at the request of a friend. To validate Esoteric Faith Healing to the other languages of people is something I have participated in several times before in a career of about 20 year time frame. However, when such testing occurs it is a prerequisite to be a "Top Gun" in their field of expertise. Dr. Juan Acosta-Urquidi, PhD, met those stringent guidelines.

The test is simple: to effect a change in an established subject to elicit a scientifically discernible positive difference in the subject within 8 minutes, with no touch.

A little background on the test subject: she had a car accident 4 years prior to the test. A result of blunt force trauma from her head hitting the windshield causes a certain part of her brain (over the right ear) to shut down. With Thermal Brain imagery this is easily seen. Over a period of 4 years, the test subject was measured frequently to see if any esoteric healers had results? Many disciplines where attempted and none made a difference ~ at least not within the scope of the strictest sense of scientific study.

What you will see the scientific community says is” impossible”, yet this still happened and is well documented here in science language. See for yourself. Pay attention to the indicators above the right ear and in the differences of color comparison on the thermal brain image of the subject and the Healer.

There are 4 stages of consciousness according to the science language: Beta, Alpha, Theta & Delta.

Beta = the stage we are operating in as a norm for the general public.

Alpha = the mode that 30 formally tested established esoteric healers go into while doing their healing work according to Dr. Acosta, who has done this research over the preceding decade in his world travels.

He states clearly that the pattern he works with is scientifically established as such. In the experiment there were two Healers: myself and Dr. P. Price of Houston, TX. He is one of the few real deal people doing Faith Healing these days.

Theta = this is the subconscious, and a mode of healing in Dr. Acosta’s experience has not been seen in Esoteric Healing.

Yes, people have made claims, but to a scientist, claims are a cup that holds no water. For the sake of building bridges and not fences, we are discussing scientifically proven events.

Delta = the unconscious. This seems simple enough to me. Unconscious is non ambulatory, no speech, non-movement other than the body’s automatic functions like breathing, and blood circulation.

In Conclusion, I, The Spiritual Healer Two Feather, surprised Dr. Acosta in that I operated in the Delta (unconscious), while doing healing work. This was the first ever seen by Dr. Acosta in person while doing healing work! Go Figure?

My only comment was, “It is what it is”




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