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Traditional Native American Healing

In our Traditional Ways we have done so in an oral format, this way it is handed down ~ eye to eye.

In many instances things have been taken by force ~ from our time honored ways.

We are not of a mind that ‘it’ has to be taken. We can offer this in a good way and with a good heart as well, for those interested?

To start off with the underlying theme is a ‘wave’, like the gentile ones softly washing onshore under a full moonlit evening. Or perhaps by thinking of the rhythmic way a dolphin swims, or tracing the lines of ripples when a stone is thrown into a peaceful pond.

Basically it’s the ‘salad bowl effect’ that provides the simplest way of addressing the topic of good health.

In the Indian World we say the return to “balance & harmony”.

So if we chop up 10 heads of lettuce in a large bowl we can say this is a salad.

The fork and mouth for chewing are constant; however the content of the salad is not.

(Other than the lettuce)

When some more ingredients are added to the lettuce they contribute other nutrients. So we can add bacon bits, cheese bits, nuts, grapes and the like…. In this way we alter the content / nutritional value of the salad. We still use the same fork & mouth to ingest the salad.

Yet we now have the nutritional values added to the salad in the same mouth & fork full.

Another underlying foundation of ‘Traditional Native American Healing Arts’ is described here.

So as we incorporate the medicines of different realms we also increase the healing abilities to form a solid foundation that’s been tried and proven to work. Otherwise they would no longer be used.  

There is a trick here to achieve the Prime Directive “To do the best work possible”   ~ with what we have on hand at that time & place.

I find in working with specific physiological challenges that incorporating specialists from the spiritual realm, who come from the light (specifically), have been as instrumental as a laser or an x-ray machine.

Calling in the medicine of animals, like the deer people (knowledge of medicine plants),

or the snake people (healing) for example, has been the difference between slight return

or monumental return to balance.

Thing is, in our style of Traditional Healing we not only consider the physiological aspects,

we also incorporate the mental and spiritual aspects as well according to the immediate

needs of the client at that time and place.

To address one and not even consider the others is a breach of our prime directive.

There are more worthy assistants available via ‘will & manifestation techniques’ that

are available if only asked in a good way and with a good heart.

The dark side too has knowledge wisdom and experience. To avail yourself of these entities In behalf of a client is not what we call good practice. Since we possess one of the strongest tools in the universe,

‘Will’, then we can be discerning with whom we chose to associate ourselves within behalf

of our seeker / client at hand.

We can incorporate into the healing scenario the medicine of colors, numbers, vibrational frequencies,

high pitched sounds (and other specialized sounds), feathers from an eagle (and other birds - hawks, etc.) , antlers, rattles for opening the auras, smoke and aromas of ‘heeling givers’..

We then have a winning scenario to return the client to balance and harmony as best as possible.

When the client says “I have a pain here” they are reminded, by the healer not to do so.

“I will tell you where”, says the healer, so as to not pollute the “scanning” process.

Incorporated are the stages of healing work:  Intro, looking for what’s outta balance, see the eyes,  tongue, hands, energy field, skin tones & temperatures, etc.

All can be indicators of how and what to approach in the session.

The sessions take from an hour up, with the more serious issues such as lupus, CFS, cancer, MS, CP, can be a few hours?

The healing is done when it’s done, not sooner or later.

In the Traditional Way there are no borders colors or genders.

As an introduction to Native American Oral tradition, this simple article has been made on request, so that those interested in such things have a knowledgeable source to confer with.

Many Blessings,

William Two Feather


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